Sweetening your Christmas
since 1966

The patriarch

Our traditional sweets with a sweet taste and deep roots contain an emotional message. They summon a kind of inner aroma, a fleeting shudder of memory, often associated with the familiar lap and the palate of a child. Homemade sweets to meet the endearing settings of the past. It is difficult to conceive a Christmas without sweets El Patriarca.

Mantecado is a traditional sweet of unmistakable Spanish origin, dating from the 16th century, more specifically from the town of Estepa. It is a family sweet caused by the surplus of cereals and lard that was produced in that part of Andalusia.

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From Dulces El Patriarca, we invite you to the delight of the most sublime palate that you can imagine, always betting on the highest quality with national products, pampering their preparation, following the care of our pastry chefs and the most traditional recipes from yesteryear.

Dulces El Patriarca was founded in 1966 as a family business, dedicated to the production of Mantecados, Polvorones and Specialties located in Estepa (Seville) – Spain. Our sweets are made with top quality raw materials, pampering their elaboration.